I was surfing the net the other day and i found an interesting blog. It was having a story of how a person used the way of communicating through letters to assist the indian government at the time of the need. In a very long time, some one has actually influenced my long standing thought that Normal Indian is never involved in the decision making of a nation’s policies. Just letters .. Imagine how thoughtfully they might have been written. That proves the point that its not the PM/FM/CM are the people who make decisions all by themselves. They sure run the government but they are also good listeners. However such a news i have never came accross before.
Here is the link .. Do read how a normal person became a part of a bringing a nation out of the crisis in the crucial period. The blog contains all the 32 letters which were written

“India Shining” needs more people like these .. “To Correct a system as big as a nation, we need to understand it first”.