Gokarna is a small village in the uttara kannada region. If you are looking for a break from a mad city or just regular life, it is a wonderful place to be.  It is ~480 kms from Bangalore. Weather report a couple of days before the travel indicated slight showers but we decided to go anyways.

How To Get there

There are very fews options to reach there. One is by bus, Seabird Tourists and VRL are the only options. If you wish to go via flight, then the nearest airport is in Mangalore. Then again you are 180 kms from the place and have to go by bus.

Gokarna-BangaloreWe went there by Seabird tourist sleeper bus and i should say it was quiet comfortable. We departed from Bangalore thursday night and my heart sank when i saw it drizzling when the bus stopped in Sirsi for a break. Still 80 kms from Gokarna i did expect the weather to get better since it was queit far away.  The road between sirsi and Gokarna through the mountains and it is really unconfortable experience. However you can manage in the sleeper bus. We reached there at around 9:30 AM and headed straight to Namaste Cafe near the Om Beach. It was slightly drizzling but that disappointment was well shawdowed by the view of the sea and tides which i have not seen for like a decade. My childhood memories of my visit to rameswaram with my grand parents and parents really came back to me.

Friday was not all that depressing despite all the rain. Slight drizzle and a beach on the full moon day.  What more could one ask for ! Our intension behind the trip was the temple in Gokarna which has a lot of significance for the Hindus.

Om BeachPeople can easily misinterpret your trip to be trek and beach. However, you also get carried away for a while after you get there.  Being completely ignorant of the place and tourist sites there, we started gathering more information about the places to visit in and around the area and awaiting a sunshine. That never happened ! After spending almost 4 hrs doing nothing on that beach, we went to Gokarna to see the temple and the local god Shri Mahabaleswar. The temple is nearly 8 kms from the Om Beach. The beaches are not for swimming, they are very turbulent and dangerous. It is said that the god is fully available for darshan every 25 years only and that is next year ! The temple was not all that crowded.  After coming back we had dinner beach side in the cafe and it is expensive and is not all that great ! But to say it is fun ….

Saturday morning we woke late. Come on, what do you expect, beside the beach and rainy weather. We hired a cab and went to Murudeswar Temple and on our way saw the Devaki Krishna temple. Murudeswar beach was very rough. The view ghats seen alongside NH7 were awesome and is worth taking some snaps i should say ! The road was though the highly vegitative places and all the greenary gave us some +ve thought that our trip was a total waste at all … It is just another view point.

Sunday was the day of fun, we went trecking to Gokarna beach via Kundli beach. 8 kms of all fun ! The beach beside the OmBeach is the Kundli beach with a mountain separating them. You can trek, it is not too slippery even after the rain. I assume it will be even better in the dry seasons. This beach is very long and isolated but an excellant place to chill out in. You can cross this beach and cross the other mountain you will see the wide Gokarna beach. All the three beaches are not for swimming. We missed however the half moon beach and the paradise beach. They are great places to see a sunset. We were not fortunate enough to see the sunset this time because of the cloudy weather. The end of this trek is beside the temple in Gokarna and it was a great experince i can carry forward with.

After all the fun, it was really sad going back to the crowded bangalore, what to do ! I gotta earn right ..