I did not blog in a while, the reason being, i was trying out both the twitter part of the micro-blogging and other tools like that. Trust me, you are limited to express there. At least that is what i thought.I have been exploring a bit of ad-networks and sites lately. Search engine to Ad-Sense was a very big leap.

I was late to learn in depth about these networks. Basically, there are publishers who publish their advertisements. There are networks where they publish them. More and more theories come how to make an advertisement more relevant to the person seeing it. On what criteria should i show this advertisement on this website etc.

Very briefly, A website developer wants to put ads on his website, he embeds the java script code into his site and it automatically gets the ads from the Google servers.

Publishers who use the Google Ad-Sense ( GA ) are also supposed to be selling goods online. At least that was my understanding of a “Vacuum cleaner “ advertisement on the website. They wanted people to buy stuff online.

Is there really a difference between a TV-Advertisement and a Google Ad-Sense Advertisement ? Its not the same. You broadcast a TV advertisement without knowing much about the person watching it. One can know more information about the personal visiting a website by the content on the website he is observing. There is a huge amount of difference.

The google adsense blog is a good place to get more information. Click here !

Here is a video on how to integrate google adsense into your own wordpress blog.