MBA no longer Most Wanted ??

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“The Economist !”, you put me in jeopardy !


Google Innovation Strategy .. from late 2007 news

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Being the most innovative and successful organization, their innovative strategy is something most organizations would like to implement so that they get the same results. But i wonder why they just gave it off to the public.

Here is the link, Just in case if that dies out !

  • Innovation, not instant perfection
  • Share everything you can
  • You’re brilliant, we’re hiring
  • Allow employees to pursue their dreams
  • Ideas come from everywhere
  • Don’t politic – use data
  • Creativity loves restraint
  • Get users and usage – the money will follow
  • Don’t kill projects, morph them

Google Maps,  AdSense … Ofcourse the search engine itself, they are amazing. But what is the probability that using the same strategy by anyother industry will help useful for em ?

i like the tech talks channel on you tube better. They talk over almost everything.

Copenhegan Climate change conference

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Looks like a failure since nothing was actually concluded. Obama is supposed to have given a good speech but it looked a bit disappointing. Denmark has developed a highly innovative energy industry because of their focus on the energy.

Delegates from various nations have signed the “Copenhagen Accord” it is available here. More focus on green house emissions and the ways in which the energy is used in various parts of the world.

Some videos on youtube about the same are below.

Thomas L Friedman has been there, here is what he thinks about it.

Critics point of view of what happened.

Bluetooth Technology coming to your homes soon …

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With the release of 3.0 Bluetooth Specification,  the low power and high speed, there is now a place for the technology in the consumer electronics market. However, at the point of time, people are very unsure about the impact this can bring into ‘ever changing’ consumer electronics market. Bluetooth SIG is trying to make it as easy as possible for the developers to start thinking about some very new use cases.

Something they are holding back i think must be released, >$10000 for the sniffer, it is way too costly. I really think they should open up a little bit.

check out the new specifications at

Protectionism: The battle of Smoot-Hawley | The Economist

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With world moving into recession so worse after Great Depression of 1930, the names of Smoot and Hawley have come into picture again. The Smoot Hawley Tariff act got approved in 1930.  Summary of that was to set the import export tariffs to record high. This will make sure of the survival of the domestic  industries and increases the revenue flow. There was however a sharp increase in the Employment but it also broke international relations of US and helped the great depression grew worse.

Entire story below :

Protectionism: The battle of Smoot-Hawley | The Economist

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Pen is mightier !

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I was surfing the net the other day and i found an interesting blog. It was having a story of how a person used the way of communicating through letters to assist the indian government at the time of the need. In a very long time, some one has actually influenced my long standing thought that Normal Indian is never involved in the decision making of a nation’s policies. Just letters .. Imagine how thoughtfully they might have been written. That proves the point that its not the PM/FM/CM are the people who make decisions all by themselves. They sure run the government but they are also good listeners. However such a news i have never came accross before.
Here is the link .. Do read how a normal person became a part of a bringing a nation out of the crisis in the crucial period. The blog contains all the 32 letters which were written

“India Shining” needs more people like these .. “To Correct a system as big as a nation, we need to understand it first”.

Managing Conflicts – A view point !

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Dealing with Conflicts is an every day part of management. Avoiding conflicts is the best way and unfortunately not everything can be foreseen. The basic reason of a conflict in most of the times is Ego and it is human nature. Sometimes you get into drifting situations and there is no conclusion when both sides are right. In such situations the person holding the bigger rank should take steps in order to solve it. Otherwise it leaves the team and the management in an in-effective and sometimes produces irreversible actions. The best way to solve this is to bring clarity on both the sides that they stand together for a bigger reason. 

The worst possible thing that can happen is the leader projecting the situation as indecisive and something which cannot be resolved owing to the reason that the other party is mean and immature or likewise.  There will be a problem for the conflict has actually arised and fixed that olive tree issue will help. But most of the times hierarchial politics enter and make the situation even more complex.

The nondirective approach is one effective way for managers to deal with frustrated subordinates and co-workers. Non-Directive is Listening with Understanding. May be the other party needs a clarification or a justification which you are not willing to give. 🙂 It will lead to frustration and can put dangerous events in motion.

Here are some links that can help if you have already started. 

Arthasastra devotes a chapter on Methods of dealing with conflicts, at the state level of course. Indian Tradition has four methods of dealing with conflicts. They are Sama, Dana, Bheda and Danda.  In order Conciliation, Placating with gifts, Sowing Dissension and Use of Force.  They are the best way is to implement it in the same order. 

Conciliation has six kinds. Praising the merits, Using Mutual Connections, talking about mutual benefits, Inducement, Identity of interest, Awards and Honors. Placating with gifts is a common option but it must be from even higher authority. We had a disagreement today and next day you come up with a box of chocs, it will not help. Sowing Dissension for some reason i feel is not Moral. But still it works at national level where Diplomacy and Politics go hand in hand. Use of force is the last option. But may not in the corporate world ! If one uses it in the same order it is called anuloma and if you use it other way round it is called pratiloma.

Golden Arches Theory – Thomas L FriedMan

Thomas actually exposed a new Mc Donald theory behind conflicts between nations.  A very different perspective which states that no two nations which have McDonalds will go to war. Strange as it seems, but thats queit true.  For McDonalds to open business in any nations that nation should have a strong middle class is a good postulate for that.  People dont want wars with nations with big middle class section in other words good economic development.

Like globalization, economic development etc can effect the relations between nations there will be a common usecase in the conflicting parties which is in common interest for them. That is what is the solution !

Some young employees often face resistance from the higher officials in various sectors to do something very new. It means he is content with his life or in other words, he just want to run along with various aspects in his life rather than stand along your side. You are in wrong place ! He is not wrong. FF your life 10 years, you might also be in the same situation.

 “Sit and talk, no one is wrong here, May be there is a door number 3 !” 🙂

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