I read a new article in NewScientist that they are trying to create new innovations around Inbound navigation systems. While the concept does not seem so attractive it has its own merits. For a usual technologist,, it would look strikingly similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or for that matter any of the short range communication systems. I would not deny that.

If i understand it right, it might be something like this, when you are talking about the GPS systems you get the co-ordinates. In the same way, you restrict yourself to a sphere of lets say 10 mts radius and then

Like a lot of fantasy ideas i have seen in the past couple of years, this one also includes bringing lot of players to the table and then convincing each one of them that it would profitable for ‘them’ and then create an end-end product.

Lets take a typical example, how do i use inbound navigational systems in my home ?


As the example seems ironical, how can my refrigerator move over time ? It is in the same place since the last 4 years. Right, your refrigerator is still but you are not. The controller for this GPS systems can be your watch or your mobile phone for example. Then as your watch / mobile phone moves out of the range of the GPS systems, the temperature is kept moderate in the room / refrigerator. If you walk into the perimeter, it will start to make ice.

One more example is that, you can configure your system such that as long as the remote control of the TV is not in 1 meter radius from the TV it is assumed that your watching it. Put the Remote 1 meter closer to it to switch it off. Not a very good use case.

These are couple of examples. It may go well with Stadiums, Theaters, Music Shows, parking lots etc etc.